Reflections on The Power Of Purposed Performance

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The Power Of Purposed Performance:  Choosing To Live Your Life On Purpose

Doing something on purpose requires conviction; otherwise you leave it undone because that is easier.

The quality of your daily performance will be a product of the passion you feel towards the things you are doing.

Each day holds possibility & positive opportunity.  Have a positive perspective about life, no matter what.

Be productive.  Don't live life as a victim.  Feelings were never meant to lead us.  <link to biblical truth> How you feel cannot become your excuse for what you do or don't do.  You choose the course & you are responsible, no matter how you feel.

Successful people play to win, not just "hope" to not lose.

Those willing to risk more, make more.

We can't choose what happens to us, but we can choose how we react.

Everyone deserves respect. This book has a similar theme, each person is gifted in their own way.

See people as potential life partners.  Have a desire for positive relationships.

Public commitment made by choice to someone will always provide the positive personal tension necessary in keeping of your commitment.

Choose to be accountable.

Motivation is key.  It is your responsibility.

People must have a sense of ownership, or they won't accept responsibility.

While an organizations' mission statement provides direction & vision, to the low self-esteemed employee that doesn't see value in themselves, a personal mission statement is more important.

To create the personal mission statement, think about what motivates you & write down the reasons why.  <link to my personal mission statement>  Remind yourself of your personal motivation choice everyday.

The way you approach each day of your life reflects just how much you believe you are worth.  It reveals how much difference you propose to make in the world around you.

Staying Motivated;

- Don't be lead by feelings <link to biblical truth>
- Get out into the light (personal, professional purpose of this site)
- Find people who are upbeat
- Listen to upbeat music
- Give yourself a break

Though I'm not a big fan;


I believe in myself
I believe in my mission
I know I make a difference
I know where I'm going
I have a great support team
I am committed

What we do not understand or relate to, we judge. Division is inevitable.

Effective Communication

Break down barriers
- Affirm the person, deal positively with the tension.

- Ask directional questions; clarify the situation & direction the conversation needs to take, never assume.

- Ask what, when, where & how; why questions are motive questions.

- Ask the questions & then actively listen.

- Ask & listen -- Listen & Learn

- Lead through consensus, be responsive to what they have said, value their input, make the agreement/compromise.

- Clear the way; set the stage for the next communication, clear the air & open the door to the next opportunity to communication that you hope to enjoy in the future.

In the presence of conflict, potential exists.  It all depends on how you choose to see a situation, conflict influences change and & change always produces something new.

Life is a perpetual learning & changing process.

Your personal selling role is to provide your "customer" the benefit of both what you know and what you may have experienced.

Selling requires your knowledge of something & knowing it well.

Your conviction should never invade the life of another.  Respect their decisions.

Friends don't wait for friends to call, friends call first.

Your performance each day is an expression of what you believe, so it needs to be purposed & powerful.  Make sure you represent the life product you intend to be selling.

Trust is a relationship that is developed through the mutually shared experience of honesty & integrity.