Rome 2012 - Day 1

Submitted bydkranker onWed, 10/03/2012 - 23:15

Woke up on the City Night Line train in Italy, we got some sleep but I think we both were jostled around a lot last night.  We passed several stops during the morning hours, and after we took a look at a clock, could see that we were a little late, about an hour or so behind schedule.  We got to Roma Termini about 10:00 or 10:30 AM.  Outside the train station there was a long line for cabs so we started walking around and went on the other side of the station and on the other side of the street and got a cab after we could tell where the cab lanes actually were.  He took us south, by the colosseum and finally to our motel.  This was the first motel that didn't let us check in early, so while we waited we asked the people working up front for information about the city, and they gave us several maps.  With a small street map of the surrounding area, we found a pizza place and grabbed a slice of square pizza that they cut longways and folded over itself.  We walked around with that and found several shops ranging from junk stores to expensive jewelry and watch shops.  We also passed a few barber shops but nothing significant.  The closest attraction is the Colesseum as we've determined by the map.  Once we got checked into the room, we reorganized the bags did some more research on the tours.  I was still tired from the train ride so we just took it easy until dinner which we ate on the 7th floor of our motel.  Our waitress had trouble understanding our English, but we got by okay since a lot of the words she said in Italian were close enough to Spanish for us to understand.